Why SMBs Should Opt for Fully Managed Web Hosting | ResellerClub Blog

An important step for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) is choosing the right hosting plan. While it is possible to do it yourself, you need technical skills and a budget to ensure its success. For this reason, it becomes important to use Web Hosting services in India.

Finding the perfect web hosting solution will determine your website’s performance, security, and speed. There are so many options to choose from, but Managed Hosting remains a favourite of many.

Managed Hosting: What Is It?

Managed hosting means having a team of experts by your side who will take care of your server and deal with technical aspects so that your website runs faster and smoother.

This way, you can focus on managing your site rather than getting bogged down in the details. Managed Hosting is quite similar to having your own IT department, which ensures everything runs smoothly in the background.

There are different levels of management in hosting, one of which is fully managed hosting. This type of managed hosting is very convenient for SMBs, especially as the hosting provider takes care of everything. Let’s learn more about fully managed hosting for SMBs.

What is Fully Managed Hosting, and How Can it Help SMBs?

Fully managed hosting is an advanced web hosting service that offers a wide range of advantages. In it, all server set-up and maintenance processes are completely managed by web hosting service providers.

The key feature of fully managed hosting is reliable performance. Fully managed servers are regularly optimised for fast loading times and consistent performance, which is critical for a positive user experience. It is considered to be the best option for SMBs as they won’t have to worry about anything on their server.

How Does Fully Managed Web Hosting Help SMBs? 

Cost Reduction

This feature stands out in the list of Managed Hosting benefits. Getting fully managed hosting is cheaper than hiring a full-time system administrator to take care of your server.

Your service provider will constantly monitor the server to ensure it is functioning properly and will also proactively identify and fix problems before they impact your site.

Advanced and Robust Website Security

Considering cyberattacks and data breaches have grown in frequency, fully managed hosting service providers invest heavily in security. 

They offer advanced security measures, like:

  • Updating firewalls
  • Complying with spam filters
  • Constant monitoring
  • Cloud backups, and
  • SSL certificates

Modern Cache Features

Fully managed hosting also offers advanced cache features which will save you from the hassle of managing and optimising cache, a task that is time-consuming and a little complicated.

The Option to Integrate Cloud Hosting

In some cases, your fully managed hosting service provider can also provide you with access to cloud platforms. This helps prevent data loss, thanks to regular backups of data that occur on cloud platforms.


With fully managed hosting, it’s easy to scale resources to suit your needs. You can easily add more resources as your site grows, avoiding downtime or slowdowns.


Fully managed hosting is an excellent choice for those who want a reliable, high-performance, and secure hosting alternative. If you are the owner of an SMB and want to focus on your business without having to deal with server-related issues, fully managed hosting is the ideal solution for you.