School board hiding controversial curriculum?

Curtis Thompson

Jefferson Metropolis

Pricey Editor:

On Feb. 22, I introduced supplemental data to the Jefferson Town University Board that shown that the school district has either modified curriculum or is contemplating modifying curriculum to advance the “important race concept” and the false historical past called the 1619 Undertaking.

Is the district hiding that it is switching the curriculum to be a lot more regular with the tips encompassed in crucial race theory centered on its conclusion to retain as aspect of its curriculum

The web-site is an arm of the Southern Poverty Regulation Centre and has a lot of posts that encourage the 1619 Project, essential race idea, and related philosophies. A fast check out of the web page reveals numerous articles or blog posts that do not belong in a tax-funded curriculum and reveals it has “companions” that the district ought to not advertise. A few of those “companions” are Human Rights Campaign, Story Corps and Upfront. All three advertise just one watch pertaining to LGBTQ “rights” even though dismissing as bigoted any viewpoint that is opposite to their positions. Additionally, Upfront is an arm of the New York Occasions, which served as the automobile to market the 1619 Venture and hyperlinks to an report praising that discredited theory.

The web page back links immediately to an article that promotes the firm Black Life Issue.

The website also has a blatantly racist posting relating to “white privilege.”

The district need to not align alone with this corporation, which it does by referring to it in a beneficial way in its curriculum.

Danielle Muscato, portion of Black Lives Make a difference and a fundraiser for it, stated she hoped then- President Trump would “burn up in hell” followed by a vulgarity. The tweet has since been deleted by Twitter due to the fact it wished demise on the previous president, but can be found on the online.

I earlier demonstrated how BLM abuses gays and blacks who do not guidance its Marxist sights.

Journalists have uncovered BLM, the team, as a fraud.

I mistakenly thought the JCSB would eliminate this internet site from its curriculum, but it did not. The selection was produced with no discussion by board customers right after a movement was made by member Enloe. I urge parents to demand from customers the board get rid of this racist website right away.

I also marvel why this paper experienced all of this information accessible to it and failed to report it. Is it covering up this outrage to be sure to the college board?

Sharon Eva

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