How to Cut Your Expenses While Visiting the Maldives

There are plenty of ways to cut your expenses while visiting the Maldives. One of the most popular ways to save money while visiting the Maldives is by staying at an all-inclusive resort. However, these types of resorts are generally not as authentic as you’d hope. If you’re looking for a less touristy option, there are several ways to save money while eating out in the Maldives.

All-inclusive deals

While visiting Maldives, it is a good idea to find ways to cut costs. One of the easiest ways to do so is to travel during off-peak season. This means that you can find cheaper deals on flights, hotels, and cruises during May and October. In addition, if you visit during this time, you can avoid the monsoon season and the high price of seaplane rides.

Another way to cut expenses while visiting Maldives is to stay in an island guest house. This will give you an authentic experience and give you access to local cuisine and interesting stories. You can also avoid staying at luxury hotels.

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Floating bar scene

There are several ways to cut expenses while visiting the Maldives. If you want to cut costs and maximize your vacation, you can stay at a hotel that offers a complimentary floating bar. Here are a few options: Moodhu Bar & Restaurant – this bar features a thatched roof, a pool, and views of the ocean. The cost of a two-person meal here is MVR 1,100.

Floating bar scene – the Maldives has many floating bars that are popular among tourists. Locals have taken advantage of a loophole in alcohol laws to offer drinks on these floating bars. The only catch is that you need a speedboat to reach the floating bar. The average price for a beer at a floating bar is $7. The best time to visit the Maldives is December through April.

Buying a sim card at the airport

Purchasing a SIM card at the airport is a good way to cut your expenses while visiting the Maldives. The price of a local SIM card is almost always cheaper than international roaming. For instance, a Maldivian SIM card will cost you only 30 MVR (2 USD), plus a one-time 20 MVR (1.30 USD) credit, and you can get one from either Dhiraagu or Ooredoo. You can also buy a tourist SIM card, which will cost you between 11 to 50 USD, and both are good for data.

If you’re staying in the Maldives for a month, you can buy a SIM card from Ooreedoo or other local mobile network providers at the Male-Velana International Airport for around $30. These SIM cards are not cheap, but they are cheaper than roaming, and they include unlimited data for Baidu, WeChat, and Google. Moreover, if you have a compatible phone, you can also purchase a VoLTE or VoWiFI SIM card, which will enable you to stay connected while traveling.

Avoiding flying a drone

If you want to capture images and film special moments while visiting the Maldives, you should know the rules before flying your drone. In general, you need permission from the Maldives Civil Aviation Authority and the Maldives National Defence Force to fly a drone. You can also seek permission from the hotel or island where you want to film. The process of obtaining permission can take some time.

When flying a drone, it is best to fly at a low altitude above people or places where they might be disturbed. In addition, you should not fly the drone near power plants or military installations. Do not fly the drone over an airport or a resort, where aircraft might be operating. In the Maldives, it is illegal to fly a drone over people.

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