Former UNCW faculty member refutes John Hood column on John Dewey

It is tricky to choose significantly John Hood’s declare (“Dewey’s legacy decimates system,” Aug. 11, 2021) that John Dewey is to blame for what Hood thinks are the weaknesses of American general public education (weaknesses that in simple fact he fails to specify).  Are we definitely again to holding Dewey and his so-known as “disciples” dependable for whatsoever supposedly ails our schools right now, especially given the earlier numerous a long time of conservative corporate reform that has integrated sizeable cuts in state aid, an intensification of teachers’ work, increased use of standardized tests to ascertain both university student and teacher functionality, use of tax-supported vouchers for private university enrollment and easing of restrictions on community charter universities, Instruct for The us and other “alternative” teacher training systems, popular main curriculum specifications, and so on.? 

Kenneth Teitelbaum

Amid all the assaults on public education given that the 1983 report on “A Nation at Hazard,” Hood delivers us back to Dewey as the bogeyman of our schooling desires.  He appears to depend mostly on just one ebook posted in 2006 by the Intercollegiate Research Institute, an business founded in 1953 for the categorical goal of advertising and marketing conservative considered on campuses.  A guide that a person scholar of ethics and education and learning at Texas Tech University (not accurately a hotbed of progressive education and learning) described as “a mostly fictional, distorted caricature of Dewey”?  Indeed, for the duration of a time when the fantastic American experiment looks as a great deal in hazard as it has at any time been during the earlier 150 years, ought to not there be some recognition of Dewey’s lifelong dedication to democracy in all phases of daily life?  Does Hood assume that referring hyperbolically to Dewey as the “purveyor of some of the most noxious ideas of the previous century” and selecting a few quick excerpted quotations from a ebook about Dewey’s work in any way does justice to the intellectual contributions of a person frequently regarded as to be 1 of America’s best philosophers?  Whether or not or not a single agrees with Dewey’s views on instruction, such cherry buying of selected rates taken out of context is a time-worn technique to boost distortion somewhat than being familiar with, to gain adherents to a result in fairly than to stimulate an knowledgeable citizenry. 

Sharon Eva

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