Failure is the flipside of success. Call it the opposite of success and you are not wrong.

Our mindset determines how we look at this 7-letter word. I am sure you agree with me, here. But, if not, please read on.

To some of us, the word is a stepping stone. To others, it is a stumbling block. Different stroke for different folks.

But, whichever way you view this failure scale, there are consequences. It may be positive or negative, progressive or regressive, constructive, destructive.

When we set targets, objectives, timelines, or whatever. It is either we meet out targets, or we do not.

If we meet our target, we regard ourselves as being successful and if not, we indulge in self pity. Some will even blame outside factors for their failures.

Others, who read our body language and attitude, also see us as having failed. But have we? Well, from the negative point of view, we have failed.

However, those who are positive, optimistic, constructive, and always looking at life from a brighter angle, know the real meaning of failure.

To them, it is temporary, a stepping stone, time of rest, sober reflection and character building.

When you lost out in a relationship, marriage, project, career, education, finances, whatever, it is most likely you feel discomfort and downcast. It is natural and I have felt this way times without number. We all have.

But, let us look beyond the temporary discomfort and see our situations as yet another opportunity to strengthen our characters.

Yes, that is exactly what it is – an opportunity to be focused, resilient, humble, determined, sincere, optimistic, transparent and truthful, in our dealings with ourselves and others.

I have observed that powerful, wealthy, famous, and successful achievers in developed and developing countries, go through many failures in life. In reality, no one is immune to failure.

Till this minute, these people are still going through failures and have refused to give up. This is the spirit I too is trying to cultivate.

In truth, everyone – the wealthy and the poor go through failures. How we look at the word depend on our mindset.

But, building of noble characters by great and ordinary people across the world is fired by failures. Reflect on this.

Failure is good, desirable, the other side of success, and helps build characters for everyone in every country, in service to God and humanity.

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